Castle Sinniness Farm

The Cottage is situated within Castle Sinniness Farm, a 240Ha grassland farm sitting on the waterside at Luce Bay. The Fleming family have farmed in the area since 1956, first at nearby South Milton before purchasing Castle Sinniness in 1997. The ruins of Sinniness Castle can still be seen although there is little known about it's history. Many of the sheds at Castle Sinniness were built using stone from the ruin. The Cottage however wasn't acquired by the business until 2014, when it was extensively renovated. 

Robert, Claire and family raise beef cattle and sheep, striving to produce the finest Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb.  We run a breeding herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle under the Stairhaven prefix and also a flock of Roussin sheep.

Our farming goals are to finish Aberdeen Angus beef from home grown forage, nurture our environment and leave our farms and land in good heart for future generations.

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