What's nearby?


Glenluce and Stairhaven

Glenluce is around 4 miles from The Cottage and has a small shop with an ATM machine as well as a playpark, skatepark and a swimming pool that can be hired privately.

Stairhaven shore (pictured) is less than two miles away from The Cottage. It is a mix of stone and sand and has public toilets on site.



Stranraer is a small, coastal town around a 10 minute drive from The Cottage. There are supermarkets, petrol stations and cafes as well as places of interest such as the Castle of St John or Stranraer Marina (pictured)


Newton Stewart

The Cottage sits almost half way between the two local towns of Stranraer and Newton Stewart. Newton Stewart is about 15minutes away from The Cottage and has supermarkets, small shops and a cinema. 

Things to do